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[Death Masquerade] Mask → Death Mask.

March 2008

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sverrirxmanic in deathmask_rp


[Okay guys, sorry for being late with these but these are the events until the end of the month, they start right now and end on the 1st of febuary.

Also, the sugar rush curse is optional.

Ocean in the opera house - Good one Yuuto, you flooded the place and there have been mysterious reports from the Gods that seem to have noticed that there is now fish swimming in the opera house. Every level of the opera house is now flooded with three feet of water including the dressing rooms along with sea animals but be careful when exploring in the minor shops that has been destroyed due to a large sea monster and it cannot be defeated but you could always try.

Sugar rush - The characters have been cursed! (Or if you want them to be) And now they talk with rapid speed and run around like crazy, being very very restless but this doesn't effect their personalities at all.

Wtf pink elephant? - Please do not mind that pink elephant hanging around in the restaurant (thanks to screwed up magic).

Black hole - There appears to be black holes in your room, the only way out of them after the doors are locked. Crawl through them and you end up some place utterly random, you could also run into Sverrir.]

[[OOC: Sverrir has ended up giving everyone the silent treatment, you can of course reply to him but if you comment then he will curse you (though his magic is screwed right now) and if you have a curse is mind then just say so.]