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deathmask_rp's Journal

Death Masquerade
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· death mask [RP];;
· w e l c o m e;;


~ There are no explanations as to why you are here. You wake up in what you believe is a dressing room, lights dull and barely enough to make out the contours of the room. The room isn't big, about three meters in width and six meters in length. Each wall on the long sides are covered with a mirror and counters along with several chairs. There are two doors in the room: one leading to the bathroom and one which is locked - on this door hangs a mask, and under it a screen-looking thing.

A communication device.

There are no other signs to why you are here, but as soon as you touch the screen a clock appears. Under it the following hours appear:

> LOCKS AT [ 12am ] UNLOCKS AT [ 6am ]<

Followed by a:

"Welcome. Please sign in."

Welcome to Death Masquerade, an Alternative Universe Multifandom RP with horror influences. ♥
This takes place in a since long abandoned opera, location unknown. It's seemingly desolate of life, however it's for certain that someone is ruling the place still - things fall and break even though they're nowhere near broken, things move and disappear. Doors lock and unlock, without trace of anyone being near. There's absolutely no explanation for anything. There is no way of getting out of the opera either.

From 12am → 6am the doors to your characters' dressing rooms lock, and if they aren't inside they're obviously in danger. The current, mysterious owner of the opera has his very own spies which can reach whatever place they want, except for the dressing rooms. These are shaped as masks, and can only move along the walls. It's also known that these masks possess a certain power that can steal and give, harm or heal - emotions, traits, physical changes... it depends on what spy catches you, and which mood they are in. If you want to stay safe, please keep your characters in their dressing rooms at the appropriate times. But you don't want them to stay safe, do you? ♥

[ Clock here ]

· We'll handle the rest;;

[ MAPS ] - Player reference only. Characters will have a similar map in their communication device, although their map is... somewhat modified.
[ APPLICATIONS ] - Apply here! ♥
[ INFORMATION ] - Story & World information.
[ RULES ] - Rules are here; please read them.
[ TAKEN LIST ] - Taken characters.
[ CHARACTER LIST ] - Reserve/Drop a character here! ♥
[ FRIENDS BUILDER ] - Fast friends builder + related communities.
[ QUESTIONS & SUGGESTIONS ] - Anything from questions to plot suggestions.

[ MAIN ]
[ OOC ]
[ LOGS ]
+ [ MOD ]


[ Astryd the Corrupt ] - [Player: Eru]
Call her Astryd for short. She is the god of wishes. An odd thing for someone with the title of "The Corrupt", ne? Ohho! Don't think you can just ask her for whatever you please without giving anything in return. As with anything in life, there is a price for her services. And of course, the price depends on the wish you are trying to make.
If you would like to make a wish, all you need to do is leave up a message on the IC BBS And she will respond to it there. Wishes may be screened so that only she views it, or left out in the public for everyone to see.

[ Sverrir the manic ] - [Player: Phae]
Sverrir the manic; God of curses and the brother of the lovely Astryd. Even though he has a very jolly attitude he is rather cruel on the inside and a insane but elegant junkie, doping himself up on opium and absinthe while peering and spying on our delightful guests and yet, whenever he is bored or has the time he will flick a finger and summon multiple curses of manipulation, illusions and of course conjure that of which others wish they cannot see but he can always spare a few moments for the wonderful guests and would, without any hesitation, place a curse on someone if they wished if they just leave a little message on the IC BBS but unlike the wishes, those who request such a curse will, unfortunately loose a certain emotion for a limited time and after said effect they will not remember, but of course, the guests do not know such a thing.

Name: Eru [Head mod; #1]
LJ Username: drinkmychem1cal
Email: xxinvaderkikyanaxx@hotmail.com
Messenger: L Sexes Light

Name: Phae [Head mod; #2]
LJ Username: luciferxyahweh
Email: plastic_u@hotmail.com
Messenger: sjfhlsdkjfldf

Name: Geoffrey [Assistant Mod]
LJ Username: gonsai
Email: theimmoralflame(at)gmail(dot)com
Messenger: mechm11 (AIM)

Name: Fai [Founder]
LJ Username: etvotri
Email: omoshiroi3__3@hotmail.com
Messenger: faikkku

Name: Roxy [Founder]
LJ Username: roflolzomg
Email: secret. ♥ please ask.
Messenger: humanlabyrinth

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